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#WhereisJesusRN book

Have you ever struggled with connecting to Jesus in the everyday ordinary moments? Do you feel distant from God and want to refresh and renew your walk with Him? Many of us find it easier to connect with Jesus while reading the Bible or praying in a quiet, isolated place. Finding a way to abide in Jesus when we are in autopilot for the day is quite difficult. We often forget to ask ourselves where Jesus is right now, in this moment. 

#WhereisJesusRN provides tools and guidance for connecting and abiding with Jesus in the day-to-day moments in which we often overlook his presence, by utilizing common therapeutic interventions and applying them to a faith-based lens. This book allows you to find personal and relational growth with Jesus in a modern and fast paced world. The advice herein, based on mindfulness practices, will help readers find peace and assurance through Jesus, even in times of stress and uncertainty.

Mother, wife, and counselor Amanda Torre’s hope for you as you read this book is that you may notice and abide in God in all moments of your life, not just when you sit to have alone time with Him. She prays this book will bring you closer to the Lord as you go on the journey of life with Him. Never forget to seek out Jesus’s presence even in the midst of life’s busy moments.

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