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Introduction to Mindful Moments with Jesus

Well...I never would have thought the day would come that I would be writing a blog. As a teenager I would spend nights journaling to God about my day so as I sit here writing this blog at 10:44pm after a long day, it has brought me back in time. I feel like a teenager just typing away the diferent thoughts that come to mind. Only this time, I am less hormonally unbalanced, have way more self awareness, and I am walking with the Lord. This surreal moment has me realizing that God has His own purpose and plan for everything we experience. As I shared a minute ago... I never thought I would be writing a blog, nor did I ever think I would write a book but God sure can take us down a road full of suprises.

The motivation and goal of this blog is to share my knowledge, experiences, and insight into living a life mindful of Jesus. Now, I know a lot of us know ABOUT Jesus, but not all of us KNOW Jesus...personally, relationally, and emotionally. The same can be true about our relationships here on Earth. We may know ABOUT the things going on factually in a person's life but we may never know about what they are experieing personally, relationally, or emotionally. Mindfulness with Jesus has allowed me to be more intentional with knowing Jesus more personally, relationally, and emotionally. And I want others to experience the same with Jesus as well, through this blog and my book #WhereisJesusRN. Let me share where this all began...

My first moment of mindfulness with Jesus came in a therapy room (yes, therapists need therapy too). I did not know it at the time. but God was giving me my first small glimpse of what it was like to see and feel his presence with me. I was working through my past hurts through EMDR with my therapist. During this process I had moments where I would end up noticing Jesus with me in the memory or moment that I was processing. I was reliving some of the past and present noticing where Jesus was at and it brought a whole new perspective to my situation.

The second moment of mindfulness with Jesus (which I also describe in my book), is driving back home after a hectic morning of dropping the kids off . I was in my car feeling slightly defeated and overwhlemed by feelings of not being a good mom. I felt I could not get it right and that I was messing up my kids by the way I was parenting. The enemy certainly planted some negative thoughts and I started running with them. It was in that moment that I turned to my passenger seat and visualized Jesus sitting next to me in the passenger seat. I had tears running down my face. As I breifly locked eyes with Him (because I was driving), I noticed his gentle smile and calm presence. I instantly felt all judgement leave and a smile quickly took the place of my frown. Noticing Jesus' posture of acceptance despite how I was feeling towards myself, I could not help but to just sit with his presence and forget about everything that was bringing me down. I was able to enjoy the rest of my drive enjoying my orship music with Jesus right next to me.

After these moments, I started to practice noticing Him more and more, not just when I had my quiet time but also when I was in the midst of chores, arguments, running around, etc. As I practiced this more, I realized just how profound and impactful noticing Jesus could be. Again, not in the sense that he is everywhere but that he is present with me on a personal, relational, and emotional level. As with many skills and coping tools, practice and application can be a challenge. This was not...and still is not always an easy practice to apply in a moments of chaos or crisis. I will admit that I still struggle with utilizing this practice when my buttons are being pushed but as I practice it more it does become more refined and accessible to me in those more challenging moments. Mindful moments with Jesus do not resolve your challenges or issues but it can certinaly provide fresh, heavenly, Spirit filled perspective that may be needed in that moment.

My prayer for you as you read this would be that you would not brush this aside as some Western, secular practice that has no place in the world of Christian faith. Mindfulness, when approached with Christ at the center can be a strong and beneficial tool for healing, guidance, and restoration. I have seen it for myself and many clients that I have shared this with. I love hearing how clients have felt a sense of peace when they practice mindfulness with Jesus. Jesus is pursuing you relentlessly and wants to have a deeper relationship with you. I pray you may find growth in your walk wth God through this blog as well as my book. I can't wait to share more....until then...may you find your mindful moment with Jesus.

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